Deep Care Mask

Deep Care Mask (Cream) contains a variety of nutrients, which replenish, rejuvenate, and revive sun damaged or chemically damaged hair. Deep Care Essence (Oil) will allow the penetration of the mask further into the cuticle of the hair to strengthen and balance PH levels to promote healthy vibrant nourished hair. Oil rebuilds hair with moisture and flexibility. Routinely treating hair with the Oil seals in moisture and protein, leaving your hair healthy, vibrant, and manageable.

Silk Essence

With rich nutrition inside, this product can replenish lost nutrition to permed hair thus not only provides hair with a show of shine and flexibility but also makes hair easy to comb.


CYNOS Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask is suitable for all hair types. It penetrates deeply into hair and replenishes moisture to chemically treated hair, leaving it soft smooth and shiny.

LPP Hair Treatment

PP HAIR TREATMENT is specially formulated for hair damaged by frequent perming or coloring. Contains abundant nutrients, which can not only replenish lost nutrition, but also renovate the holes of hair cortex, leaving the hair feeling healthy, shiny and elastic.

Protein replenisher –PPT 15ml +10

Excellent formula is infused with abundant nutrients extracted from wheat protein, which can easily infiltrate into hair cortex, replenish hair with needed nutrition. Make it possible for seriously damaged hair to achieve wonderful perming results. It can be mixed with perm lotion when perming OR mixed with color cream when coloring. PPT is a pretreatment before the perming service.

K-PLEX Dual Treatment 12ml + 24/applicator + 1

K-Plex is an instant care to treat the hair after color and perm services or sun exposure. It covers and protects the hair fiber, provides hair the lightness and intense shine.

K-PLEX Dual Treatment is a treatment for both fine and weak hair. With a complex biomimetic ceramide, vitamin PP, and hydrated proteins, K-PLEX Dual treatment targets the cuticle and surface of the hair fiber in revitalizing, repairing, adding more volume, and enhancing the intercellular cement, making the hair fiber visibly transformed, smooth, and rehydrated from root to tip.