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The Top Trends for Hair Colour So Far This Year

In the last few years, we have seen hair colour take a bright vibrant turn. No matter what age they are, you will find people trying new exciting ways to express themselves through their hair colour. People are searching for that perfect hair colour to match their personality.

Anything goes lately, from platinum blond all the way to black, as well as silver gray to bright violet. Finding the colour that best fits you can be as easy as choosing your favorite colour and just going for it, or maybe you would rather try a colour that is not your norm. After all, it is your hair, and you should be able to have fun with it.

One way many people are experimenting with their hair colour is using the dip dye look. The choices of colours for dip dyes range from traditional hair colours like black or red to the more exciting colours like violet or electric blue. This hair colour trend can be seen everywhere from the red carpets to your local grocery store.

There are several great hair salons in Toronto that can help you dip dye the ends of your hair, so you can try out new colours and find what you like best. With this hair colour style, you are able to have fun with it, yet remain somewhat professional, if that is a concern to you.

If you want a more traditional type of colour, right now “ronze” is a big trend you see on the red carpets. Your hair stylist can help you create ronze by combining a copper red with a bronze brown. This colour will work for several different skin tones. Your experienced stylist can help you get the best combination for you. Having the new ronze is a great way to have fun with your hair and try something new, but still be able to look elegant at the same time.

Along with the new ronze two other colours are making a big splash on the scene, eggplant and bright orange. The deep purple eggplant colour was everywhere in the 90’s and it is making a huge comeback. Eggplant is a colour that is exciting and fun. Although, the only drawback, is if you decide eggplant is not for you, and want to change back to a light colour or blond, it could take a lot of work. Your hair stylist would have to do a colour correction, which can be expensive. So before you dye your entire head eggplant, talk to your stylist first to decide if this colour is for you.

Bright orange is not your typical orange hair. It is a colour that has not yet exploded everywhere, like cotton candy pink. If you want to go with bright orange, you should get help from a qualified Toronto hair salon to ensure you get the best results. There are varying shades of bright orange and getting the one you want often requires help from a professional stylist.

To learn more about the latest, trending hair colours or your other haircare and styling needs, please feel free to contact D2E Hair Boutique at 416-769-3287 to speak to one of our experienced stylists today!

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